Project  Management

  • Our process of Product Engineering allows us to mesh the talent of our people with the latest technology to yield a robust manufacturing design that will deliver product to our customer which:

    1. Meets and/or exceeds their performance expectations

    2. Minimizes their time to market

    3. Reduces PPM’s

    4. Reduces their cost

    The foundation of this process is utilization of Continuous Improvement through out the life of the product. We will make detailed production planning schedule ,each project will be followed up strictly by a project engineer and approved by project manager who are rich experienced in mould design, tooling manufacture, injection molding process management.

    Every Monday we will send the update molding and tooling weekly schedule report and digital picture to customers via email.We ensure each project keep a perfect quality and in time development transit smoothly by self-improvement for customers. Just one phone call, or an e-mail, you'll see we are ready .

Project Procedure

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